Database Consolidation

Increasingly we are meeting clients who have deployed new servers each time a new application or database is required within their organization. The end result is multiple servers housing a single database and running at only 15-20% of their capacity and incurring exorbitant licensing costs.

Database server consolidation is an approach to ensure the efficient use of server resources in order to reduce the total number of servers or server locations that an organization requires. Not only is having these servers costly, they consume space, use resources such as power and cooling and require management at an infrastructure level.

Although consolidation can substantially increase the efficiency of server hardware resource utilized, it may also result in complex configurations of data, applications and servers that can be confusing for the average user to contend with. To alleviate this problem, Artek Systems can assist with consolidating your database environment. A consolidation project would involve planning and implementing a migration from the current state to a strategic future state.

Artek Systems will conduct a review of your existing environment to assess size, complexity and cohabitation options for all databases within the organization. This is an exercise in reducing costs and complexity while increasing the availability, manageability and scalability of your environment.

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